Day Two of my Review of our P&O cruise abroad the Oriana.

Day Two aboard the Oriana, was set to be a day at sea, travelling around the tip of Cornwall and heading up into the Celtic Sea on our way to our first port of call, Dublin.

For breakfast we chose the self service option in the lovely Conservatory restaurant.

It was high up on deck 12 giving a good panoramic view through the large windows running around all sides of the restaurant. There was a wide choice of options on offer ranging from a full English cooked breakfast to continental style breads, cheeses, hams through to fruits, yoghurts and various cereals. The quality of the food and the service of the staff were excellent. Access around the restaurant was good and the staff went out of their way to assist in carrying trays and drinks when needed.

The night before a horizon magazine had been left in our cabin listing what was going on and where it would happen.

On the front it highlights the expected weather and sea conditions, special events occurring and any specific safety notices. Inside is a detailed program of the days events on offer, showing times and places. One of the events listed was a photo club at 10am in the Chaplins Cinema. So after breakfast I went for a look around the ship, stopping in the cinema to see what it was about. Unfortunatly it had been a misprint in the magazine and the photo club would not be on, on this cruise, shame. Whilst I was there though I checked to see what would be showing later in the day and during the rest of the week in the cinema. Access to the cinema was good with dedicated areas for wheelchairs and their companions set out at the rear. I found that Avatar would be showing later in the week so would have to come back to see that.

As there was no photo club I tried my hand at the Horror Movies quiz one deck down in the Lords Tavern, a cricket themed bar. Unfortunately my memory was not good enough to win, but the drinks and atmosphere of the bar were good.

While I was making a fool of myself in the quiz my wife, Mel was having a go at the Line dancing lessons in the Harlequins Club. A venue that during the day catered for various dancing and exercise classes and in the evening became a Ballroom or nightclub in which to try out your newly acquired dancing skills.

Later in the morning we took a stroll around the deck. The weather was beautiful and sunny and as you can see from the picture not a cloud in the sky.

Very few boats passed us considering we were travelling through highly commercial shipping lanes. Some like the one above made for good photo opportunities though.
(I've tweaked it a bit in Photoshop to give it an extra artistic look).

Lunch was in the Peninsular Restaurant. This is the formal dining option for lunch. I chose the Grapefruit salad followed by a Waldorf salad and rounded up with Peach soufflé. Mel chose the Pea soup to start followed by Crab in its upturned shell for the main course and Peach soufflé for dessert. The service was good and the food excellent.

We had booked ourselves into the Oasis Spa that afternoon. I had chosen an Indian head and back massage which was very relaxing. Mel went for the full body massage and said she too felt very relaxed after it. Just what was needed at the start of the holiday to help us relax, take away any stress and set us up for the rest of the holiday.

We had been invited to attend a 'Meet the Captain' reception prior to our evening meal. This was held in the Pacific Lounge (which was also our emergency station) at the Stern of the ship. Drinks and canopies were provided and we were introduced to our Captain, Ian Huntley.

Dinner followed in the Oriental Restaurant.

The selection on offer was outstanding. The meal was all silver service dining. Served by friendly, experienced and polite waiters.
The food presentation was of a very high standard and the quality and taste were excellent.

The evenings main entertainment was a show in the Main theatre 'The Theatre Royal', entitled 'I Write the Songs' a production by the Headliners Theatre company, of music including artists such as Elton John and Barry Manilow. The show was entertaining, full of good music and dance. The theatre had plenty of seating available, (Although it filled up very quickly) and had good access for disabled passengers with dedicated areas for wheelchair users and their companions.

After the show it was up to the Crows Nest at the top of the ship for evening drinks whilst listening to the live music provided by 'High Life'.

A great end to our first full day aboard the Oriana.

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