Lincolnshire photo project

I have decided to restart my Lincolnshire photo project.

Start date 11th June 2010.

Those of you who have been following me for a while will remember that I proposed to take a picture from the same spot in Lincolnshire, England every couple of days.
The aim was to see the seasons unfold through the various shots taken throughout the year.
Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from completing the project so here goes a second time.

This time I will take the same picture every two weeks, trying to match the camera settings as closely as I can.

Today's photo was taken on my Canon EOS digital Rebel XTi camera.

I used aperture priority setting the aperture at f8.0 it gave me an shutter speed of 1/60sec.
The ISO was set to 100 and the lens zoom was 62mm.

The tree in the foreground adds depth to the picture and the birds on the branches add a bit of character.

I will try and duplicate these settings in each picture (light allowing) to allow for a true comparison between photographs.

I have used no post processing on the Photograph either.

Follow me as the seasons unfold.


kez said...

the camera stuff made no sense to me :P lol but good picture :D

Dave said...

Thanks I'll try and make the technical stuff a bit easier to understand.


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