Sky Pictures.

Sat at my computer I look out over the flat landscape of South Lincolnshire, England.
Because the land is so flat the sky plays a large part of the landscape.
This evening it was crying out to be photographed.

I didn't need to go far just to the boundary of our garden to get these pictures.

The constantly changing shapes of the clouds give a different picture from the same location very quickly.

Changing the format of the picture from landscape (above) to portrait gives a whole new effect to the composition.

The clouds in this picture above seem to be in three distinct layers towering over the landscape.

Unlike the landscape formatted pictures I have included the horizon in the frame. This was done to emphasise the magnitude of the sky and to give a reference point allowing the eye to pan from the ground up into the sky and clouds.

Looking out now on the same landscape there are no longer any clouds to be seen.

This goes to show that with photography half the challenge is being in the right place at the right time.
Not only that but seeing the opportunity for a photo and taking it.

The advantage with modern digital cameras is that you can take as many shots as you want and it will not cost you any more than taking just one.
You may take 50 photos of one subject and if only one photo turns out to be really good then it was worth it.

 Go on take some photographs.


imac said...

Hi Dave, been scouting Lincs photo blogs and came across yours.
Like your macro shots very nice.

imac said...

I also agree with you on skies, miss one and you will never get the chance at it again.

Dave said...

Thanks, glad you like the macro's and yes sky formations change so rapidly that if you don't capture them then and there they are lost forever.

Gail P said...

I can never pass up a chance to photograph clouds. Lovely close up shots and thanks so much for stopping by my blogs and leaving comments! It sure made my day! I'll be checking in to see what you're up to.


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