New Layout!

As my regular readers will notice I've been changing the look of my blog today.

I felt the last layout was a little limiting for displaying the photos.
I've posted some pictures today in a larger format than before, let me know what you think!

The bright yellow of these flowers and their closely packed formation sets off this picture.

The subtle pinks  and intricate folds of this climbing rose look lovely in our garden.

Trying to get front to back sharpness in this last picture was difficult even using the depth of field preview on my camera I still haven't quite got it. It still a good picture, just not a great one. Its a good excuse to keep practicing though!

I hope you like the new layout!

If you find any issues with the page layout please tell me via the comments section and I will try and fix them.


Kez said...

Like the new layout :) much better, less space wasted and bigger piccies :)

Dave said...

That was the idea, glad you like it!


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