Roses in Bloom.

Our roses are coming out into full bloom in our back garden at the moment.

The rose plant is starting to creep up our eucalyptus tree and is really looking really good this year.

The roses as you can see have a large mottled petal (sorry I don't know the species of rose any help on that please tell me via the comments section).

I will leave you today with the view from the bottom of our garden with fluffy white clouds setting off the setting.  Feel free to use the comments section to let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting feel free to come back soon.


Christine's Arts said...

The roses are just beautiful. Sorry, but I don't know the name either.... Also, love the fluffy white clouds in the sky with the trees in the distance it gives a feeling of such a huge space. You don't always get that in pictures. And, thanks for the tips below, I have photoshop and am kinda brain dead when it comes to editing. so keep the tips coming.

Dave said...

Thanks Christine, well as I like your paintings so much, we'll make a deal I'll come to you for painting tips and I'll supply the editing tips. Fair?

imac said...

What wonderful post and pics Dave.
Love the meadow at the bottom of your garden.

Krista said...

These are really awesome! I am lousy with plant identification but know a good photo when I see one! ;o)

Christine's Arts said...

Hey Dave, That's fair. I see what you mean. I meant for the light source to be coming from the left. Where you have highlight in a painting you need to have a darker contrast behind it to make it stand out. and visa verca where it is in shadow a light background makes it stand out. Maybe I am missing something though.... will look into it. thanks for your comments.


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