Corky's Haircut!

We have a four year old Irish Setter dog called Corky.

As those of you who have dogs know, there comes a time when you have to get them trimmed. Especially long haired dogs such as the Irish setters with their long coats and feathering.

Corky has a lovely coat normally. He comes from a strong line of Irish Setter parentage. His Grandfather was Caspians Intrepid who won best in show at Crufts in 1999.

So as his coat was getting long and there were a few tangles we couldn't easily get out I rang up our usual groomer to book him in. Unfortunately she had stopped her grooming business so we had to look elsewhere.

We had been recommended a groomer at a kennels just outside Holbeach in Lincolnshire.
So this morning I duly booked him in and took him over for his wash and trim.

When we got him back our lovely long haired dog, now looked like a lovely short haired dog! Extremely short haired dog in places.

His head, back and flanks had all been sheared rather than trimmed and his feathering, that flows over his chest and down the length of his body had been almost cut off completely. 

Poor Corky!

Needless to say we will not be using that particular groomer again or recommending him to anyone else.
Maybe he had never done an Irish setter before, but surely if you run a business of grooming dogs you need to make sure you know how to trim all the major breeds.

Anyway enough of my complaining, Corky doesn't seem bothered and it will certainly help him to keep cool through the summer.

For future reference if there are any Irish setter breeders in the South Lincolnshire area who know of a groomer experienced in cutting Irish setters please feel free to contact me. 

Whatever the cut of his coat Corky remains a wonderful and very affectionate member of our family.

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