Mobile Phones love 'em hate 'em?

Mobile phones have been high on the agenda across most social network sites over the last couple of days due to the release of the new iphone 4.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Valentine

This made me wonder just how far we have come in such a relatively short space of time.
Showing my age I know, but I started on the mobile phone craze in the early 1990's with 'The Brick' known as the Motorola 8900x2 similar to the one pictured below. Mine had a black cover though.

Photo courtesy of Mo_Morgan

It was so big and heavy that you had to hang it from your belt. It was analouge not digital which meant reception was patchy at best and that was in central London. Even so it still was good to be able to use it whilst out and about.

I've had many phones since then some big, some tiny. There has been tablet, flip, and touchscreen phones. Phones such as; the Nokia 7650, the Nokia 6610, the T-Mobile MDA vario a great phone but heavy. Motorola's E398 good for music but not a lot else, the HTC Touch a good all rounder and the HTC Touch Diamond to name but a few, Some are pictured here. Yes, I still have some of them!

It was fortunate that I did keep them as I was able to pass one on to my father who had inadvertently dropped his breaking it. He is now the owner of a HTC touch.

Mobile phones are no longer just used for voice calls, they are mini computers (with the processing power of some of them not so mini). They can be used for voice, text, email, surfing the internet, taking pictures on their cameras, watching and taking Movies to name just some of their features.

Currently I am the proud owner of T-Mobiles G1, Google's Android phone which was their first forage into the phone market. It has all the features listed above plus lots more.

It is still a great phone but maybe it's starting to get a bit old.

So what shall I get next?

Well I think I'm going to stay with an Android phone. Even with all the hype, Apple have not swung me over to the iphone. Android phones are just as good and are getting better everyday and there are numerous ones to choose from. Had the EVO 4G been coming to UK I may have been tempted to get it but as its not maybe HTC's Desire will be the one to get.

Photo courtesy of louisvolant

Watch this space and I will tell you when I change and let you know what phone I decide on.

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kez said...

Cool :) phones, lol, and is that really what type of phone u had?! And i thought that the one mum had was a brick...


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