A Lincolnshire Summers Day.

The weather in Lincolnshire, England has been lovely the last few days.

So grabbing my camera I set out down the back lanes near Spalding to see what photo opportunities presented themselves.

This was just taken by the side of a country lane in the middle of nowhere. Just acres of sky and agriculture. The tracks across the field lead the eye into the distance and the tree adds a focal point on which to calculate perspective.

Close-by where I parked was this solitary poppy.

I've used the photo editing package Photoshop on the photo, to give it a slightly more artistic feel.

Lastly this image of one of the main drainage waterways that flow from the fenland into the River Welland.

The blueness of the sky is mirrored in the waterway which disappears straight as an arrow into the distance.

Sat by this waterway listening to the birds, feeling one with nature, was a great way to end a lovely afternoon.


Gail P said...

Thanks for sharing such peaceful images. Glorious!

imac said...

Great shots Dave, is that last shot at Welney??

Dave said...

Thanks, it was a great day out. Sorry, the last shot isn't at Welney it was taken by South Drove Drain, near Cowbit South Lincolnshire.


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