Dedication of Toby Elijah.

Today was my nephew Toby Elijah's Dedication ceremony (Christening) 
at the Salvation Army in Lincoln, England.

He was resplendent in a dedication gown made from his mothers wedding dress.
 His sister Amber had also worn it at her dedication ceremony.

The service was held at Lincoln Salvation Army, on 20th June 2010.

Joining the parents Martin & Vicky in the act of dedication were prayer parents chosen to guide and support Toby as he grows spiritually in his Christian faith.

Above are some of the God parents getting to know Toby.

Toby and his big sister Amber enjoying being the centre of attention after the ceremony.

Amber gave her seal of approval of Toby with a huge kiss.
 You've got a great sister there Toby! 

Family and friends went back to the families home following the service to celebrate Toby's dedication to God. 

A big spread of food had been prepared by the family (it just kept coming and coming out of the kitchen).

Toby's Dedication cake complete with cuddly toy!

It was such a nice day that we were able to relax and socialize in the garden for the rest of the afternoon.

Just enjoying the sunshine and the company.

There wasn't much left of the cake after the celebrations.

The Dedication of Toby went really well. The service was good and I am sure it will be remembered fondly by the family and all who were present for a long time to come.

Thank you Martin & Vicky for inviting us to share Toby's wonderful Dedication ceremony and the party that followed at your house.


imac said...

Grand piccy my friend.

Also congrats on your prev post, soooo cute, and plenty of

Dave said...

Thanks imac, and the food was lovely!


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