With Strings Attached – Header Challenge 8th September 2010.

It was my turn this week to choose the topic for the header challenge that I take part in with ‘fishing guy’, ‘imac’, ‘Gailsman’, and ‘Lanny’.

I chose for the topic this week, ‘With Strings Attached’. So when thinking of what I could do for the header I already had an idea of what I might use. You see my daughter plays the cello so I thought that would make an ideal subject matter for the header.

cello small-1-4

The cello gives such a beautiful tone and the colour and curves of the instrument allowed for some great photographic opportunities.

cello small-1-2

The cello ‘with strings attached’. Tell me what you think then drop in on the other contestants in this weeks header challenge to see what they have devised for their headers. Just follow the links at the top of the right hand column.

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mel cawkwell said...

I love this picture :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Oh my, my son would shoot me if he knew I forgot about a band with strings. Your daughter is quite lovely and probably pulls at Dad's heart strings.

Lanny said...

Dave, that is really a lovely header, the colors are so perfect for the weather outside my window, rainy and a bit chilly. Your header has warmed me and now I am headed for the tea kettle and stereo.

Dave said...

Tea sounds a really nice idea Lanny. As for tugging at my heart strings Tom, she certainly does along with her two sisters, but then I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gailsman said...

I think it's great if you can play and understand music. I unfortunately do not possess that skill. I can't sing either!

imac said...

Im Like GM, cant sing a note, or play, BUT I love music and listening to it, be it 60s or 1-2 modern, light opera, jazz,blues, C&w.

Your daughter is perfect choice and a great header.

Martha (MM) said...

Beautiful! Great topic for this week. Just popping in to say hello and see how you're doing :-)

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