Macro – Header Challenge 15th September 2010

It was imac’s turn this week to choose the topic for the header challenge that I take part in with ‘fishing guy’, ‘imac’, ‘Gailsman’, and ‘Lanny’.

His choice for the subject this week is ‘Macro’.

Now I like macro, I’m not always very good at it but I like to experiment with photography.

So what treat should I bring you this week?

A guess the item of food in macro…


Nah too easy.

A close up of wildlife venturing out?


Maybe, he is cute.

How about some flowers close up?


Or even an oil painting up close…


All possible for the top spot but today I have gone with some vibrant flowers with a little bit of wildlife thrown in. I hope you like it.

If you liked this walk through macro why don’t you let me know via the comments section, then you can check out what my other headbanger entrants have been up to this week, for their take on a macro header. Just follow the links at the top of the right hand column or click on their names at the top of this post.

Don’t worry all those looking for the continuation of the posts on our holiday to France. I will continue them tomorrow.


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imac said...

Very Neat post on close-up Dave.

Becca's Dirt said...

Great header. Love the colors too. Good shot of the frog.

Teacher's Pet said...

I love the honeybees on your headers...those are working gurls...and you captured them beautifully. I used to work in honeybees with my Daddy. (I'm 60...and he's 84...and would still work in them...but he has too many other projects. :)) ) Very nice photos....(and I have NO idea what the food item is!! :))

Martin Crawford said...

Cracking picture of the frog Dave!!
Is the fruit a...banana???!! lol

Gailsman said...

Interesting collection of subjects. Macro is something I've not really tried that often.

JM said...

Great frog shot, he definitely is cute! :-)


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