Happy Birthday Melanie!

Today is my wife’s birthday so I would like to dedicate my blog today to her.

She is a wonderful wife and friend who I couldn’t do without.


Her smile lights up the room but it was her beautiful blue eyes that first captured my heart.

For you Mel a simple rose as just a small token of my love.


Happy Birthday Mel.


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mel cawkwell said...

oh bless :)

photos de mariage originales said...

Lol....Too good.

imac said...

Happy Birthday Mel, always nice to meet the Lady of the house and the driving force behind Dave.
Hope you have a nice day, and is Dave taking you out for a meal and a bottle of wine tonight? if so tell him not to forget to post his Header(lol).
Best wisnes Julie and Stewart.

imac said...

Gee, that was quick, or was it there before and I never noticed, if so - it was those Blue Eyes that made me miss it,lol.
Like the fiddle by the way Dave.

birdy said...

Happy Birthday Mel! Dave you are lucky, having such a wonderful life partner. Wishing you both a happy life.

mel cawkwell said...

thank you for your kind words :)I had a lovely day


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