Day 5 of our family holiday to Pas de Calais, France.

Day 5 of our holiday, and the swimming pool at our little cottage is still in high demand. Our daughters are still going swimming before breakfast and they are loving it, which is why we chose this particular cottage. Personally rather them than me, too much energy needed at that time of the morning, especially when on holiday.

We decided that today we would venture across to Boulogne, on the northern coast of France. Boulogne is only 25 miles across the English channel to Dover.  When we got there I was surprised to find that the white cliffs of Dover were clearly visible from the seafront.

Boulogne Day 5-1-2

We had found, whilst looking in some tourist brochures left in our cottage for us, that there is a Sea world museum called Nausicaa in Boulogne, so we thought we would give it a visit.

Unfortunately it’s not cheap, but, it is big. You will need at least 3hrs to go around it all and that doesn’t count stopping in the restaurant or the gift shop.

Camera Critters

Nausicaa sets out to explore all aspects of the sea. Its aim is to educate about the creatures that live in it…

Boulogne Day 5-1-4

and those who rely on it, to survive.

Boulogne Day 5-1-13

The exhibits are wide ranging and of course that meant I took a lot of pictures, oh well good job its a digital camera.

Boulogne Day 5-1-6

Some fish seemed curious…

Boulogne Day 5-1-10

others pretty.

I even found Nemo…

Boulogne Day 5-1-11

and friend.

There were lots of these…

Boulogne Day 5-1-8

I wouldn’t want to mess with them.

There were tanks were you could stroke the inhabitants though, in the form of various types of rays, they felt very velvety.

There was lots to see and do including hands on exhibits showing what man is doing to the ocean, both to care for it and shamefully, to destroy it. There was instruction on how we can save the oceans and the creatures that live in it and depend on it for their survival.

Coming back out there was just enough time for the girls to play on the beach whilst others of us rested in the sunshine.

Boulogne Day 5-1-3

Boulogne had been a great day out, all the family enjoyed it, even the mother in law.

Boulogne Day 5-1-9

Come on you knew camera shy or not, I was going to get a photo of you up here one of these days.

Come back tomorrow for more fun from France.

You can also click on the Camera Critters banner to link to more pictures of Critters caught on camera from around the world.

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Anna said...

Your sea critters are wonderful. That looks like a great place to visit.

ruthi said...

awesome. i love all your photos especially the one where the fish is looking straight at me. kinda scary.

RNSANE said...

What a beautiful post. The aquarium is incredible. We have a spectacular one in Monterey, make me want to make the 100 mile drive down to see the one there!

Great photography.

-Check out the link for info on my blogaversary

Crafty Gardener said...

You captured some amazing fish photos. Hope you are having a great weekend.

eden said...

Great photos. You took good pictures.

Have a great week ahead.

cat said...

Many great critter shots! The penguins are just adorable and Nemo with friend are very pretty.

Carolina Mountains said...

Great shot of the cliffs of Dover - you can see them very well. Love aquariums - used to work inone years aback.

eileeninmd said...

Neat shots of the sea critters. I love visiting aquariums.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are awesome! I've tried to take photos at sea creatures in a tank so I know how difficult it is to get just the right exposure without the animals looking distorted. Kudos for a wonderful job!

Kudos for getting a snap of the mother-in-law too!

Hope the rest of your vacation is just as fun.

NatureFootstep said...

that really seemed to be a great day. And I think you learned a lot too.

imac said...

Ah, the sea world, these places are fantastic Dave, we visited one north lincs.
You really captured the fish and such nicely.

Gonna get someone to do my voting while Im away, so it will be better for you all,lol.

Michael said...

SHAAAAARK!!!! Cool sea creatures.

Dave said...

Anna,Thanks it was a great day out. ruthi, yes he does look scary doesn't he.
RNSANE, I'm glad you have one nearish, they are wonderful centres.
Crafty Gardener, I've had a great weekend looking at all the critters from around the world.
eden, thanks just wish the glass was cleaner for some of them.
cat, nemo and friend are a favourite of a few people.
Carolina Mountains, its amazing how clear they were.
eileeninmd, me too.
Cassiopeia, just hope the mother in law doesn't think I class her as a critter lol.
NatureFootstep, it was a bit of information overload at times but still great to visit.
imac, have a great holiday and will wait to see all the new photos helped along by your new toy.
Michael, Where? oh there! there were lots of shark tanks they are truly very majestic creatures.


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