First Days of School and nursery

For many families around England today was a first. A first of their child starting a new term in nursery, a first at primary school, a first at secondary school and even a first at six form or college.

As a family we are just as blessed. Our youngest daughter Harriet started secondary for the first time this morning.


Supplied with all the essentials needed for her first day including gifts supplied by her prayer parent to help her settle into school life (her prayer parent is also a teacher but at a different school) She was ready bright and early this morning, allowing just enough time for a hurried photo before she went.

Our eldest daughter Keziah was also starting a first this morning. She began her first day of six form (although it was really only registration because she was back home by 11am).


The school she goes to requires the six formers to wear business suits so I managed to get a quick photo of her too in the early morning sunshine before she left in the taxi with her sisters.

Our middle daughter Esther moves up to year 9 today as well. I didn’t manage to get a photo of her in her school uniform this morning so here's one I prepared earlier, (taken last week whilst on holiday).


It was a first for another member of our extended family too. Our niece Amber started her first day at nursery school resplendent in her new uniform.


As nearly all parents says it doesn’t seem long enough since they were born for them to be going to senior school and six form, but I’m sure they will do us all proud. Congratulations all of you and everyone else enjoying a first of one description or another today.

I’m sure you will join with me in wishing them all the best in their new schools.

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mel cawkwell said...

seems a moment ago that they were born

imac said...

Seems only yesterday my 2 lads went to their 1st school, they are now 28 and 31.


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