Day 7 of our family holiday to Pas de Calais, France.

Day 7 of our holiday  in Pas de Calais, France and we were still having breakfasts bought from the local boulangerie, lots of croissants and pain au chocolate yummy!
The morning broke bright and sunny, lots of beautiful blue skies, perfect weather for exploring and taking pictures.
So whilst some of the family went swimming my eldest daughter and I went down into Arques for another look around and a quick photo session. Our main area that we wanted to visit, was the beautiful white church we had been passing each time we drove into Arques.
Its bright white limestone facade shone in the morning sunshine.
Unusually inside had been painted in quite a modern style with bright colours and crisp paintwork, it looked really good and inviting. 
Miniature relief carvings of scenes from the bible were interspersed around the walls of the church.
The church organ, although not as large a scale as the on in Saint-Omer’s cathedral, was still impressive, filling the rear wall of the nave.
Coming back outside we walked out of the church yard and across the road to take pictures of the neighbouring Arques castle.
The castles origins are said to date back to the roman times, though much demolition and reconstruction has been done since then leaving little if not nothing of the original. It is still quite a striking building standing at the end of the high street with its large octagonal tower.
Arques castle
Arques is quite a pretty place to visit. They have flower displays everywhere and the streets always seemed clean and tidy.
Even the white paint on the little bridges seemed bright and fresh.
Come back tomorrow and we will go on our afternoons adventure a beautiful river cruise.
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