The Brenda Photo Challenge – 4th September 2010 – Photo Essay.


As part of The Brenda Photo Challenge today's post is a photo essay. A photo essay is as it says an essay through the medium of photography. The idea is that with little or no words the photos themselves tell the story.

Have a look and see if you think it works.

corky photo essay

If you liked that essay why don’t you pop over to view some of the other entrants in the Brenda Photo Challenge at: The Brenda Photo Challenge.

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imac said...

Thats a beauty of a dog Dave, yours I take it?.

Glad to be back are you,lol, nice break?.

Just to remind you its your choice of theme for our Headbangers : give us a good one but soon please, to give us all a chance to sort out,lol. Also the starting is slightly changed, hope you got the email too. Thanks Dave..:)

Tes said...

Lovely creature, Dave! A real beauty. You did a good photo essay! :)

Donna said...

Great looking dog/buddy!! Love the Irish Setter...We had one years ago but it literally ate the trees in the back yard...Hahaa
Lovely shots!

Daniela said...

I love any and all things dog. Way too cute.

Out on the prairie said...

Beautiful setter, obviously one of the highlights of your life.I tried to get away from pets so I would be able to travel easier, but it lasted only a few years.

Lynn said...

What a beautiful dog...and love the one where he is all legs. lol


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