Lincolnshire Project 10th September 2010.


The Lincolnshire project continues with this weeks photo taken across the landscape of South Lincolnshire.

Project 10092010-1

As I am trying to take the photo using, as close as possible, the camera settings I used in the original shot, the grey sky this afternoon has given very little definition to the photo.

As I stated in my original post on June 11th, I decided I would take a photograph of the same scene every 2 weeks throughout the year. The hope was that we would be able to see the seasons unfold in south Lincolnshire via the medium of photography.

Looking back at the six photos taken before this one, there doesn’t immediately seem a big difference to the images.

Project first6

The light and sky is certainly different across the images. The hedgerow has also filled out on the left of the frame, but, unfortunately due to the tree on the right of the frame dying, it remains the same throughout all the images, well that's nature for you I suppose.

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imac said...

I reckon the seasons are rolling into 1, with bursts of rain,snow,wind,and sun.

Gailsman said...

The area should look a lot different come October when all the leaves disappear and the crops are gathered in.

Dave said...

That's my hope Gailsman.


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