Day 2 of our family holiday to Pas de Calais, France.


The first thing my daughters did on waking, on the second day of our holiday, was to go for a swim. The private pool attached to our cottage was certainly well used over the weeks holiday.

The pool itself may not have been very big but because of the amount of natural light streaming in through the windows and the high arched and beamed ceiling it was bright, airy, and inviting.

Dunkerque day 2-1

Breakfast was fresh croissants and pain au chocolat, purchased from the local boulangerie which was a few 100 meters from our cottage. Freshly brewed strong French coffee complimented the meal, yum.

We decided to head up to Dunkerque (Dunkirk) to go to the beach and do a bit of site seeing for our first full day of the holiday.

Dunkerque day 2-1

Looking across the beach in the above photograph, If you look carefully you can see there is a lighthouse at the harbour mouth. This gave me an opportunity to play with my new toy an Opton 500mm telephoto lens for my Canon DSLR camera.

Dunkerque day 2-1-4

I was quite impressed with the quality of the image it gave of the lighthouse, as I only used a monopod to steady the camera not a tripod. Fitting a 2x convertor to the lens allowed me to get a shot of another lighthouse further down the coast that was out of frame on the original photograph.

Dunkerque day 2-1-3

The beaches at Dunkerque were almost completely empty due to the weather so as we went along the seafront these brightly coloured beach huts stood out against the quite beaches.

Dunkerque day 2-1-5

As you can see from this picture the bright beach huts are doing there best to cheer up the overcast sky but only two are in use.

Even though the weather was overcast and cool our daughters still had fun on the sea front or even on the beech at times.

Girls Dunkerque

After a lovely lunch of baguettes and crepes on the sea front, we headed across town to visit the British war memorial to those who lost their lives in Dunkerque during the campaigns of the 2 World wars.

Dunkerques’ British War Memorial commemorates more than 4,500 casualties of the British Expeditionary Force who died in the campaign of 1939-40 and who have no known grave.

Dunkerque day 2-1-6

The memorial was designed by Philip Hepworth.

Dunkerque day 2-1-9

I was interested, but saddened to find servicemen of my own regiment ‘The Royal Welch Fusiliers’, both listed on the memorial and buried within the cemetery.

Dunkerque day 2-1-10 

As part of the memorial building there is a beautiful large memorial window designed by John Hutton, depicting scenes from the heroic evacuation of Dunkerque in May 1940.

memorial window

It was quite a moving experience viewing the rolls of servicemen listed on the memorial. An experience that I shall not forget.

The day was rounded off with a return to our cottage in Arques after stopping off at a local supermarket for supplies. More swimming, games and general relaxation rounded off a lovely day.

Join us tomorrow for a trip into Belgium, (chocolate yum yum!)

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imac said...

Lucky man with a new lens, which shows off your wonderful shots a treat.
Would'nt mind a dip in that pool too.

It must certainly bring back mixed feelings visiting war graves Dave.

Pop and see my contrasting colours where I linked you too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dave, I love seeing your fabulous photos... I see them usually when you all are having your Header Challenge.

So--you have a 400mm lens... I have a 300mm lens on my Canon Rebel--mostly for my bird pictures. Is the 400 Heavy? Do you use a tripod? Great picture of the lighthouse. If I didn't collect waterfall photos, I'd probably be collecting lighthouses. They are so fascinating to me.

Sounds like you had a great trip to France. Can't wait to see Belgium. OH---that window memorial is totally awesome... Wow!!!!


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