Header Challenge 30th March 2011–“Make Do”

Well Lanny has chosen this weeks challenge and she has chosen “Make do” as our header theme.

Make do brings to my mind DIY jobs that are ok but not brilliant and therefore they will just make do.

One of these was a bird table I knocked together quickly a couple of months ago because the last one had seen better days.

black bird on bird table-1-2

I made it from and old fence post I had lying around and bits of an old wardrobe a friend had given us to chop up for our wood burning stove. Add a couple of hooks for feeders or fat balls and there you have it a make do bird table.

As you can see above, the Blackbird likes it.

great-tit on bird table-1 As does the Great tit.

Since building it my wife bought me a new bird feeder station from ChapelWood wildlife care for my Birthday last week. It’s a Deluxe Wild Bird Dining Station complete with mesh feeding platform, bird bath, and various ornate hanging stations. The birds no longer have to “make do” with just my effort of a bird table, they can enjoy this new purpose built feeding station.

feeding station-1

As you can see below the Blue tits have already found the new feeder…

feeding station blue tit-1

Although I have now got the new feeing station I’ve still left up the old make do bird table. The birds still flock to it and indeed use both just as much. My header proves just that. Taken this afternoon (in the rain) are two Blue tits still enjoying the make do bird table knocked together from an old wardrobe.

Remember to drop in at the other headbangers Lanny, imac, Gailsman, Tom-fishing guy and Sandy,  to see how they make do… for their headers.


imac said...

Nicely thought out my friend, love the birds.

Thanks Mel for voting on my behalf.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Sweet bird feeder. Neat to see, with the wide open subject, that we are in a similar vane. Love your birds better then mine.

Lanny said...

Dave, I love your bird feeding station. Clearly the birds do as well. Ya know you could market it only you'd need to find a bunch of friends needin' to toss old wardrobes out!

SandyCarlson said...

I like the way you made do with this one. I bet the birds are mighty grateful, too!

Dave said...

Thanks everyone,the birds certainly do seem to enjoy it which is a great boon for a snap happy photographer like me.

eye lift said...

I really appreciate this new idea about so quite wild life. Birds really need this kind of pampering from human being.

ladyfi said...

Love the flying dog - and your first picture is brilliant!

SandyCarlson said...

That flying dog is a hoot.

nose surgery said...

Here I really appreciate this new idea of ​​wild life. and Birds really need this kind of pampered by any one. Thanks for sharing the information about wild life.

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