Header Challenge 23rd March 2011– Red.

As I’ve posted before photographing colours is a great way to get vibrant eye catching photos, “Colour – Red, Standing out from the crowd”.

So when Tom –fishing guy chose this weeks challenge as “Red” I thought great I’ll get out and about and take lots of bright red things. I’d forgotten that this week I am on placement teaching in a secondary school so I haven't had any time to get out to take all the photos I wanted to take.

I thought well that's not a problem I’ve taken photos of red things in the past I’ll use them. I then remembered that I have only recently done a post on Red for the Brenda photo challenge you can see it here “Embrace Red”.

So not to be outdone I have dug deep into my catalogue of photos. Some of these photos are old some are new but all are Red.

The first one is a recent one taken in our neighbouring village. These gates are on the entrance to the reflective garden and war memorial.


Moving older this was taken at Lego Land Windsor a couple of years ago. He is made entirely of Lego.


Two of my nieces make for a great shot relaxing in the garden at a family get together.

These bollards I spotted whilst on holiday in France last year. I just loved their shape and colour so couldn’t resist taken a photo of them. I’m glad I did now.


Still in France this painting was hanging in the complex we where staying in. The vibrant colours and use of light caught my eye so out came the camera again.


As a precursor to summer, here's a picture of some gorgeous red blooms, and look two red cars in the background too.


Although all of these are full of bright red imagery, for my header this week I have decided to go with a photo I took last week when I was rummaging for retro objects to take pictures of. This was one of my favourite trucks when I was a little boy. Its an American LaFrance Aerial Rescue truck made by Corgi Major Toys. I took the photo on our dining room table and used our smoked glass placemats to give a great reflection. Let me know if you like it.

Well the Red light is on so I’ll stop there…


We have a new member of our headbangers team joining us this week Sandy over at http://slchome.blogspot.com/

Welcome Sandy we look forward to seeing all tour exciting headers and posts. Don’t forget to visit the other headbangers, imac, Tom-fishing guy, Gailsman, Lanny too just click on their names or use the links in the right hand menu bar.

I know I’ve subjected you to lots of red in my posts recently (thanks Tom and Brenda) so how about you telling me via the comments what other colour or subject matter you would like to see more of in future posts just not red for a while please.


imac said...

Very neat work Dave, like the reflecting truck.

Gailsman said...

I used to have one of those Corgi fire engines too. I was amazed how far up the ladder reached. That is until one of the black cords snapped!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Neat capture of the toy firetruck. I enjoyed your post.

Lanny said...

A fire truck is quintessential red in my book, there have been a few passing by on the highway as we work the Market Garden. And I've been working with a fire hose this week (attached to the water pump), so fire trucks are of great interest to me this week. The picture of your nieces is pure delight!

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