Before & After

As part of The Brenda Photo Challenge I have been asked to show a before and after photos.

I’ve decided to use a photo I took at a church meal a couple of weeks ago.

Now the original photo wasn’t too bad…

Ruth & Olive-2

The composition was ok but the background as you can see is very distracting and the faces seem a bit washed out and lacking in colour due to the flash. So I opened it up in Adobe Lightroom first and tweaked it a little bit.

Olive & Ruth-1-3

I added some warmth to the picture to get better skin tones, adjusted the exposure slightly and adjusted the contrast up a little bit.

As you can see the photo has improved tremendously but there is still the problem of that annoying cluttered background spoiling the photo.

With that in mind I opened the photo in Photoshop CS5 and added a new background layer to give it more of a studio look.

Ruth & Olive-1-2

I hope you agree it has improved the original photo.

The lady on the right of the photo celebrates her Birthday today, (another reason for choosing this photo today).

Happy Birthday Olive.

Remember to check the before and after shots that the other Brenda photo challengers have come up with just click on the link below.


Donna said...

Ahhhh! Happy Birthday to her!!
You did Great! What's the difference between CS5 and PSE? I have PSE and have been thinking of switching...
Love what you did with this!!!
Happy weekend!

Tanyia said...

This was my first time playing along in the challenge. I like what you did with your photo!

Crafty Sue said...

The difference is extraordinary!
Well done!

Brenda said...

Happy birthday Olive! Great photo effects Dave!

Lori Lindsey said...

Very well done!

Ann said...

Oh yes I do agree that it has improved. It looks great. Happy Birthday to Olive also

imac said...

Neat work Dave.


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