Toby’s 1st Birthday

I said midweek that I would try and post up some photo’s from my nephews 1st Birthday celebrations last Sunday. Well I have eventually got around to it. Sorry for the delay everyone.


Well here is the amazing Toby, bright as a button and racing around the dining room using his push along truck for support. Go Toby.

toby's birthday food-1

As you can see Vicky (Toby’s mum) put on a great spread of food for everyone. Thanks Vicky it was yummy.

Looking at this next photo Toby thought so too…

toby's birthday food-1-2

As you may remember from Wednesdays post Toby had a great Birthday cake and was ably helped to blow out his single candle on it…


So we’ve had the food and birthday cake, what about the presents?


Well he had plenty of those too. His parents look just as exited as he was, to get a wind up duck for the bath!


The intense concentration as he opens his presents.


Here mum Vicky imitates Sponge Bob perfectly.


Toby really liked this one, so much so, he stopped to give it a kiss as parents, Sister, Grand parents and Aunty cheer him on. Well come on cheer him on then!


Here Toby proves he has been trained well, money money, mine mine!

Toby being the kind young man he is didn’t want his sister Amber to feel left out, so he made sure she got a present too.


What is it Amber?


Its a beautiful new pink cycle helmet!

Her dad Martin tried it on for size first, but no it doesn't suit you Martin give it back…


That's better, it fits Amber perfectly and suits her much better too.


She absolutely loved it and went straight out to try it out…


Toby meanwhile was just lapping up all the attention he was getting.


Hi Nana.


Daddy's Boy…

martin & toby-1

Well it’s been a great day Toby. Thank you for the invite to your 1st Birthday party. We enjoyed it I hope you did too.

birthday cake-1

Since the party poor Toby and now his sister Amber have got Chicken-pox. We send our love to you both, get better soon. Love to the parents too who have to nurse the two poorly children. Take care everybody.


kez said...

The cake was rather nice :) at least he waited till after his birthday party to go down with chicken pox...

Lanny said...

ooohh chicken spots! Ugh! But best to get them out of the way now when they are little. Family gatherings are so good for the soul aren't they?

imac said...

Hope Toby and Amber get better soon.

Looks as if they all enjoyed the day.


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