Header Challenge 16th March 2011–Retro

Well the year is moving on and as I've already said Spring has arrived in Lincolnshire, well temporarily anyway.

But for todays post we are looking backwards a little as Gailsmans choice for this weeks theme is “Retro”.

Now this has really got me thinking as Lincolnshire doesn't seem to have much in the way of retro refinement so I’ve had to get inventive.

In the past photos suffered from all sorts of problems from light leaking onto the film, bad processing to cheap lenses and cameras. So you would think that now we have modern digital cameras and processing we would be vying for the perfect image and forgetting all about the dodgy pictures of the past. Not so it seems. The internet is full of peoples photos that have been tweaked to make them look like they were taken years ago with bad film and cameras.

So not to be outdone here's one I prepared earlier…

mel esther margaret retro

Phones have moved on a lot over recent years too. It has been a number of years since the rotary dial was the only choice on a phone. With the introduction of mobile phones and digital touchscreen devices you would have thought the rotary dial was gone for good, but, no you can even get a retro app for your mobile phone that will allow you dial using a rotary wheel.

retro phone dial-1

Modern computer games have also come on leaps and bounds over the years even going as far as 3D interactive and virtual reality experiences. So what do you think is one of the biggest downloaded game to play?

The retro game of Tetris…

retro phone game-1

Even with all the modern design and technological advancement it seems that people still yearn for the old designs and applications so there still remains a thriving  market for all forms of retro art, photographs, games and objects.

One of the classic vehicles that has not seemed to have lost its appeal is the Mini. It may have been bought out by different manufactures but its iconic shape is still there. It has been used in retro art and  film for years so this week my header is dedicated to the retro design of the classic Mini Cooper with a little retro art background I created myself with a little help of Photoshop CS5.  The Mini Cooper is a Corgi model that I have had since I was a child, well used but still engendering the retro icon that was driven by everyone from the famous to the not so famous.

I hope you like my play on the Retro theme. Don’t forget to let me know what you think and then drop in on my other headbangers to see what retro themes they have found for their headers this week. Just follow the links at the top of my right hand sidebar.


imac said...

Nice mini post Dave, love the angle you brought back to life.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Cool way to go, we had similar ideas.

Gailsman said...

I nearly bought a Lomo camera the other week, so I could take 'bad' photos. But then I realised that I take bad photos anyway!

Gail has a modern Mini, while a neighbour of ours owns the classic style. There is a bit of friendly rivalry between them.

Lanny said...

If it was practical for me to have a little car, a mini coop would top my list for sure. Fun to see your treatment of the theme.

Aaron Lindsey said...

Very dramatic differences! Good ob with the edits.

Donna said...

What a dramatic change! I love it! Lovely work.


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