Header Challenge 6th April 2011– Flight

It’s my choice this week and typically I forget to post on time. I’m up to my eyeballs in university assignments at the moment and I’ve got so caught up in doing that that I forgot to post please forgive me.

I chose this weeks header theme as flight.

flying sparrow-1

So here are a couple of shots taken of the birds at my new garden feeder I told you about last week.

flying sparrow-1-2

Yes the bird on the right is in flight I’ve just managed to capture the photo at the exact moment his wings are folded in.

While I was out in the garden taking these photos I even managed to get one of a flying dog…

flying dog-1

The header I’ve used this week is of a heron just taking off from the top lake at Belton House. I took this whilst visiting Belton with my good friend and blogging buddy, Stewart (imac). It was a great visit and look forward to going again soon.

Hope you like the photos, don’t forget (like me) to drop in on the other headbangers to see what flights they have come up with.

And now back to the assignment…


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Those are some magical flight captures. I do love the bird you captured with the fixed wing floating in air. Your heron looks just like mine.

Lanny said...

I love your flying dog!!! He has a built in cape.. Martin has to put his imaginary Super Dog cape on when he flys through the air.

The Blue Heron is so pretty. We have a lot here at the Farm, two stay year round, and we never tire watching them. Work stops momentarily often during the day to watch essentially things we've been seeing for years. We truly enjoy watching them land on a branch in the tippy tops of the tree, sorta like an elephant sitting on a stool.

Dave said...

I love Herons too. You'll have to watch this space for a photo of the herons partner sat across the other side of the lake in the treetops.

mel cawkwell said...

love that flying dog, and the wingless sparrow :)

Gailsman said...

You were lucky to spot the heron. I didn't see any when I went with Stewart a few weeks ago.

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