Spring has sprung

Spring has officially arrived in Lincolnshire as the daffodils are all starting to bloom.

So out I went with my camera to get a few shots of the beautiful blooms.


The sun was out too so it was shining through the petals making them glow.


Which makes a nice welcome home as they are out all along the verge in front of our hedge.

We also have miniature daffodils out in one of our tubs next to the front door…


So my friend Lanny loves the Winter months the best but for me Spring is the magical time of the year, especially for photography. The light is great for photography, bright but not overpowering perfect for taking lots of photos.


This last one is against the brick of the house not sure if it works but I thought I’d include it anyway and see what you think. Works or doesn’t work?


mel cawkwell said...

i love daffodils

Christine's Arts said...

works! Nice portrait of a daffodil.

Dave said...

Yes I suppose it is a portrait, thanks Christine. Good to hear from you.

Mel I love daffodils too, good job we have some then isn't it.

imac said...

Daffs every where.
Real nice post Dave.
As to the daff thats bricked up - not sure, its an eye catcher but not sure its for me.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful your spring has arrived. It's still cold here in Chicago Land. A real nice post. :)

Dave said...

I know what you mean imac, there is just something not quite there about the last photo.
Lynne I'm sure your Spring will be there in due course and the cold will be but a memory for another year.


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