Header Challenge 2nd March 2011– “To Bake or not to Bake”

Well this weeks choice of theme has been my choice (ably helped by Mel). She suggested I do baking, so this weeks topic became “to bake or not to bake” that is the question and also the theme. Well being a student of English Literature I had to add an extra Shakespearian lilt to it didn't I?

Now our family love to bake. We all take our turn in the kitchen rustling up some masterpiece of culinary delight for the rest of the family, well that's what I call it some others may disagree.

Our girls have been taught to bake since they were big enough to kneel on a stool at the counter and lick, sorry stir the spoon in the mixture.

You may now understand my wife's suggestion to do baking for the theme this week.

Living in the middle of nowhere in Southern Lincolnshire, doing our own baking is much more economical than jumping in the car and driving the 20 mile round trip to the supermarket. More helpful for the environment too.

So we make all our own bread…


It really is gorgeous especially when eaten fresh and warm…


Recently muffins have been the cake of choice in our household and these are my attempt at the classic Blueberry muffin…


Even though I say so myself they didn’t turn out too bad.

This weekend saw the birthday of our nephew Toby so it was a good excuse to do some more baking this time some cookies to augment the selection of food that was going to be there. This time it was Mel's turn to bake…


and these where very nice…


double choc chip yum yum.

Now obviously it’s not only our immediate family who enjoy baking, as our sister in law made her son Toby a wonderful Teddy bear birthday cake…

birthday cake-1 

I’ll bring you more pictures from Toby’s birthday celebrations here soon.

My header this week incorporates some of our families baking, but, also an element of the what “not to bake”, but which is still very nice, chocolate fingers and animals. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve posted nice and early this week to go somewhat towards making up for my tardiness in posting last week.

Remember to drop in and see what delights the other headbangers have cooked up for you this week. Just follow the links in my right hand menu bar.


imac said...

Most mouthwatering Dave, clever lot aint they Dave and his family,lol.
Like this idea my friend.

Ive posted early too-----

mel said...


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Now I know where you got the idea. Great photos of your taste treats.

Since I don't bake (I grill or fry) I had to go where they do bake.

Gailsman said...

We have a breadmaker and it makes lovely bread. I must get it going again, as the price of bread has risen (no pun intended) so much recently.
The chocolate cat looks delicious.

Lanny said...

Isn't it lovely living in a home filled with bakers galore! Breads and pies have been our girls' specialties (awards, plaques, and ribbons at fairs each year) but they often branch out to other incredible things, one of the married girls is giving a go at making cakes for special occassions and did the youngest daughter's wedding cake.

Cookies were nearly as daily as our bread! Not exactly a home to stay all skinny in that's for sure!

Thanks for the great theme, we should do it again sometime when Bet and I can do more than just the dinner bread.

Crafty Sue said...

Lovely picture reportage on Toby's first birthday.
Great job! Sorry if I popped in to see.

Dave said...

Crafty Sue, thank you, never be sorry for popping in you are always welcome.


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