Embrace Red

As part of the Brenda Photo Challenge for this month I bring you “Red”.

Bright bold colours, as I have explained in earlier posts such as “Colour – Red, Standing out from the crowd”, can really enhance a photograph. That is why when I found that this months Brenda’s Photo Challenge theme was to be “Red” I just had to take part.

Just to confirm my decision to take part in this months challenge, as I parked my car this afternoon what should catch my eye but this door…


with its bright bold sparkling red paint.

Red can often work best when in contrast to an opposing colour on the colour wheel such as Blue.

Red is seen as a warm colour; vibrant, fiery and passionate which contrasts well with the calming effects of the blues. In this picture the blue sky accentuates the bold red of the cable car to maximum effect.


You can also use red to add an extra dimension to a photograph here I took a macro water droplet shot with a plain background…


Then to add a bit extra punch to the shot I took it again this time with a red card background…


Do you think its added anything to the shot or do you prefer the plain silver backdrop of the sink?

Finally just to confirm that red was to be the topic of todays post ,what do I end up chopping up for tea but a bright red pepper…


Red is also, for my family at least, a very wonderful memory. A memory of our cat Red…

Red - Cat-1

Yes I know, before you all shout, but she is Black and White! I know, but her name was `Red' so named after the joke, “What's black and White and Red all over?”

Red passed away last year after a very long and happy life, God Bless you, Red.

So the colour RED; fiery, vibrant and most definitely worth including in your photos. Why don’t you drop in on the others taking part in the Brenda Photo Challenge and see what they have come up with for RED, just click on the button below…

The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog

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Crafty Sue said...

Your pictures are just " WOW"

mel said...

still makes me cry

imac said...

Reddy good post Dave.
Love the red water shot too.

Donna said...

Oh Dave, I love them all...The red added to the water really Did punch it up!!
And how Sweet to add your kitty, Red to the photos! He was beautiful and I know you loved him Lots!
Well Done!
Happy Weekend to you!

Donna said...

You photos just pop! Great composition on the tram. And I don't know how you got those water pictures! Incredible. And such a sweet kitty face. I am so sorry for the loss of your furbaby.

Brenda said...

Vibrant reds,,just awesome!! Wonderful take of this challenge!

Lanny said...

There have been many times when I wish I had my camera with me, who hasn't had those moments? But there is one that totally stands out in my mind. 1998, September, we're up in the foothills camping with our friends, who own water toys, on the shores of this huge lake that winds through the hills like a river, because it was once. My friend and I had to run back to town to get something important when we got back it was late but not too late to go for one quick ride on what I call the Water Harley (three seater wave runner). Well she and I hopped on for a ride, my first, and then we switched and she let me drive. What a blast and the day was perfect, the air was still and warm, the lake was smooth as glass. Then I began to notice that our world was turning pink, then orange, then red and even when I made waves, which I loved to do, they didn't become choppy. Instead I created beautiful red swirls and peaks of mercury. Your second sink photo reminded me of that time.

Out on the prairie said...

Very well done, Dave. It did make the water lok rich.I see you do a lot of theme posts and had funroving through.

Gailsman said...

The cable car photo works best for me. Although you wouldn't get me up in the thing as I can't stand heights.
Great blue sky. Hope we get some skies like that soon

Ann said...

Awesome pictures. That's a very cool red door. I really like the water droplet with the red background.
Just love how you came up with the cats name. that is priceless. Sorry to hear he's no longer with you

Janice said...

Wow, Great pictures! I love all your pics. I painted my front door red one night on a whim. I can't decide which water pic I like the best - they are both wonderful.

Jeanette said...

Love the contrast between the red sky car and the bright blue sky! Great shots!!

MarissaDW said...

Dave...Nice collection of red photos. I love the watter with the red background; Love the door and most of all I love your tribute to your black and white cat named Red. Very nice tribute.

PhotoPixie said...

Hi! Came across your blog for the first time tonight. Will definitely follow your future entries as the write-ups are very interesting. The photos of the red door and the cable car are beautiful and I love the vibrant colours. I prefer the water droplet against the red background. As you said, it just added extra dimension to the photograph.

Dave said...

Crafty Sue, thanks I try to make the pictures have a punch to them.

imac, yes thanks, I like red water shot too.

Donna, thanks Red was a wonderful cat sorely missed.

Donna, glad you enjoyed the aerial tram, thanks for dropping by.

Brenda, thanks for the challenge opportunity.

Lanny, Its great on the water as the sky turns in colour as the sun sets, what a great memory.

Out on the prairie, thanks for roaming the site, I hope you enjoyed it, you're welcome back any time.

Gailsman, Thanks, I hope the blue skies come soon too.

Ann, The red door was pure chance, fortunately I had my camera with me. Thanks for your comments on our cat she is remembered fondly.

Janice, Thanks, Glad you liked the water images.

Jeanette, thanks I agree the cable car really does stand out against the blue of the sky thanks for stopping by.

MarissaDW, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the photo's feel free to drop by at any time.

PhotoPixie, I'm glad you found me, welcome. I try to add a little bit extra to each photo as I think it helps explain the image more. I'm glad you like it.

Thanks everyone for your comments look forward to welcoming you all back soon.


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