Thought I'd add a few semi-candid shots I took this morning outside church.

I've tried to catch the shot quickly so avoiding the sometimes awkward smile you get when they aren't quite sure what to do in front of the camera.


These are my children so they are used to their dad snapping away and just tend to ignore me most of the time lol.



I think I've managed to capture just a little of their personality in each shot.
I prefer a portrait that says something about the person.

If any one visited my site earlier this evening I apologise for the layout problems. I was tweaking the HTML code and got it a bit wrong, but its all sorted out now.

Feel free to leave any comments about the blog whether its about the photos, my comments or even the layout. I will attempt to reply to all and return the favour by dropping by at your blog too.

Thanks for visiting.


birdy said...
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birdy said...

So you succeed in avoiding awkward smile. All the three portraits are looking natural. Your daughters are very cute. And yes I saved these picture in computer without your permission.

Barbra joan said...

Dave, you have 3 lovely daughters and I'm sure your very proud of them. The photos are great (I think) because they do look so natural and not posed. I'm not a photgrapher, but I do use my camera to take photos for my watercolors. Mostly flowers, I have nothing fancy, but I did get a digital Olympus and I really love it. How great to be able to download to the computer. Love that!
Barbra joan


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