Pebbles in the garden

I decided yesterday to play about taking some photos of the pebbles in our front garden.

I know it sounds pretty boring as subject matters go. So I tried to make them more interesting.

This was one of my first compositions. Not so good I thought especially as I seem to have chopped the top of the plant off.

Next I thought a closer crop to try and make more use og the foliage, (probably should have tidied uo the dead wood on the plant, but then that's nature).

Going in even tighter, gets rid of the dead wood but emphasises the shapes of the stones more.

Finally I went for the full zoom. elliminated the plant completly relying solely on the colours shapes and textures of the stones to pull it off.

Tell me what you think, I'm always looking for viewpoints.
Which do you think is the best and maybe more important why?


Christine's Arts said...

Hi Dave,
I like #2 the best because my eye travels easily about the photo. I like that the twig is gone in #3 but, there is a round rock just about in the middle and it makes my eye want to just stay there. Next I like #1, and when I zoomed in on it I loved all the light and shadow. It'd make a great poster.

Dave said...

I see what you mean about the rock in #3, It often takes a second pair of eyes. Thanks I will take it on board for future compositions.

Barbra joan said...

I do like #3 the best except for the rock right in the center. If I were to paint it I would do #3, but leave that rock out Nice work.!

Dave said...

Thanks, feel free to paint, and thank you for your kind words


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