Taking photos of pets is not always easy.

Some pets seem to love their photos being taken, where others stubbornly either move away or come so close that the camera can't focus.

I am therefore lucky with my dog Blaze, she is one of those dogs who is very laid back and will quite contentedly lie there and let you shoot away.

Here she is chilling out

Composing the shot using the rule of thirds I have placed Blaze in the intersection of the thirds grid of the picture, cropping in close to get the full benefit of those eyes.

The rule of thirds means you split the photo into a grid like shown here.

The idea is that you place the points of interest at the cross points of the lines.
This allows the photo to be balanced and its been shown that a viewers eye automatically focuses on these cross sections of a photo.

I've tried to get each of the eyes and the nose as close to the intersections as I can.
In doing so I have created a picture that stands out and eyes which leap off the page.

Go on try it yourself.


Barbra joan said...

Dave, thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. Your comments are very much appreciated. I want to say I love this photo of these flowers. As I've posted somewhere on my blog, I like bringing some beauty into this old world so my favorite subjects are flowers, animals and women.

Barbra joan said...

your woodworking is wonderful and I can see it comes straight from the heart! I'm sure your daughter will treasure it.

Dave said...

She has already put it in pride of place in her bedroom, and yes it was a labour of love, thank you


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