The art of photo composition

One of the key arts of taking a good photograph is its composition.

Have you ever had a photo like the one here that was just, well, boring!

There's no focal point. The eye has nowhere to rest. The eye may flow with the water but it doesn't lead anywhere.

If you change the perspective and perhaps add a bit of foliage you get this.

This shot gives a bit more by showing the fast moving stream with a strand of foliage.

Its better but still not brilliant.

Lets try yet another angle.

Here the stream has been framed by the tree.

This allows a good comparison with the fast movement of the water and the stillness of the tree.

Its not perfect but of the 3 it is well on its way to getting there.


Christine's Arts said...

Hi Dave, Thanks for the educational aspect of your site. I've been using photos for reference materials in my oil paintings,and, we use these rules for this medium as well. I like your examples, very well written and explained.

Dave said...

Thanks, yes both our mediums work very similar in the use of composition and light.


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