Changing seasons Project update

You would think looking at the pictures I have taken so far that the weather stays the same and doesn't change. Well so far it has. Overcast skies, mild temperatures and very little wind.

I do assure you though that the photos I take for this project are taken on the day that I post on here.

As we can see from today's photo the trees and the native hedging are still bare in this part of Lincolnshire. The grass reeds growing in the dyke though still look nice and adds a focal point before the eye leads off accross the greenery of the field.
The sky was a blanket of grey when I took this shot so unfortunately it appears a tad washed out.
I will have to experiment for future shots to improve on that.


birdy said...

You have a great start. Good work keep it up.

Dave said...

Thanks, I will persevere with this project I really want to see the subtle changes I'll get.

Sharon Curran said...

I actually like the bottom one the best. Personally I found the plant a little distracting although saying that I did like the top shot as well - I wasn't that bothered the top of the plant had been cut off as I liked the difference in textures and the shapes and sizes of the stones leading from the foreground to the rear of the picture.


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