Day before spring

According to the calendar tomorrow is the start of spring.

Well someone forgot to tell our daffodils which are already in full bloom giving much needed colour to the garden.

The fields I am following with my through the seasons in Lincolnshire project are starting to look greener. I'm not sure what the farmer has planted in them this year but I don't think it won't be long before we can tell.

Though you can't see it yet very well the hedge is starting to bud and greenery is appearing on the tree.


Osaidullah Kehar said...

Looking similar to Wordsworth's daffodils, good job..

Dave said...

Like Wordsworth's daffodils you can see ten thousand at a glance near where I live as Lincolnshire is one of the main growers of them. Sounds like a photo trip coming on, thanks for the inspiration.


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