Eye of a Camera

Creating the perfect image isn't as easy as pointing the camera and clicking the shutter button.

There are myriads of things that can go wrong.

Here I will attempt to walk you through some of my experiences with a camera stuck to my eye;

from finding that elusive subject, composing the shot and getting the camera settings right.

Taking photos, whether it is simple snaps of the kids for posterity or that carefully staged portrait or patiently waited for sunset, should be a joyous experience.

Take for instance this shot that I took whilst out and about with my children.

1/200 sec at f8.0

It was the vibrancy of colour that attracted my eye. I Created a simple composition, centered on the flower keeping in the shot some of the green foliage to add contrast. I didn't have a tripod with me so had to settle for an f8 exposure. I still think it gives a good entry level photo though.

On the same trip I took this picture of some carp in a pond by the flower bed,

Again its the composition that makes the shot what it is. Filling the frame with fish travelling in the same direction, all with varying brightness of colour helps the eye to flow along with the picture.

As you can see composition is vital in photography. The eye tells a thousand stories.
Well it does when it has a camera attached.

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