Everyday has been chosen for the Header Challenge theme this week and it has been chosen by Sandy. Now when I first saw the theme I thought what does that mean? What am I going to do for the theme everyday? Then I realized that it’s really just anything that I do everyday or that happens everyday to me or someone else or to everyone else. When I thought of it that way it was much easier.

As you can see in my header there are three pictures the first of a tea pot and cup, well its said that an Englishman must have his cup of tea “everyday” to see him through the day and in a lot of peoples cases many cups of tea.

The second photo is of a freshly baked loaf of bread. We bake our own bread “everyday” its much nicer than the shop bought loaves and so easy to make.

The third photo is some eggs in our ceramic chicken collected “everyday” from our small flock of hens. They’re really tasty with a rich golden yolk.

We also grow some of our own fruit and vegetable's, not many but a few. For those that don’t wish to, or don’t have the facilities to do the same the local markets are a great source of produce.

Everyday the traders are selling their wares in our towns and villages.

I visited the market in the town of Boston Lincolnshire to see what everyday trading was going on.

  There was fruit and veg…

fruit & veg stall

Tomatoes & Mushrooms

Toms & Mushrooms

You could buy your various breads too…

Bread Stall

There was even a stall that just sold eggs (fresh and pickled).

Egg market Stall

I liked the look of this stall, full of cakes…

Cake market Stall

This very bright stall was a sweet toothed heaven and probably a dentists hell, with row upon row of confectionaries.

sweet stall

Amongst the myriad of other types of stalls that make up the market in Boston, there is even a luggage stall where you can pick up a bag or even a trolley to take all your purchases home in.

bag stall

Everyday most of us have enough to eat and drink, spare just a moment in your busy life to think about those who don’t have enough everyday. If any of you are able, my daughter is going to Kenya next year as part of a World Challenge Expedition to support just some of these under privileged children, and needs sponsorship. You can support her via  the link in my right hand column or via her website at: http://keziahsworldchallenge.blogspot.com/ Thank you.


imac said...

Mr super sized everyday Dave.
Fresh is so good too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Nicely shown and posted, enjoyed learning some of your everday habits.

SandyCarlson said...

I so like your every day. I would love to toast up some of that bread and have it with some of those eggs fried up nicely. And a cuppa--something else. What do I know? Nothing like every-day wonders. You captured them so well.

Gailsman said...

You can't beat a good market for bargains and unusual items. I bet your super size mug holds about a pint.

Lanny said...

Daily Bread, front and center!


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