Header Challenge 20th April 2011– Fountain

This weeks theme is a watery one chosen by imac and is entitled “Fountain”.

Now not living in a city we don’t have much in the way of fountains so I thought I’d take a couple of trips out and get a shot or two to post. Well the other week I went to Belton House in Lincolnshire with imac and they have a nice fountain there. Unfortunately it was still switched off.

Yesterday for our Wedding anniversary we went for a family day trip to Woburn Safari park (photos to follow soon) and I thought there must be at least one fountain somewhere in the parkland there, but, no, not one. So I’m afraid I’ve had to resolve to look through my back catalogues of pictures.

I came across this one taken of Buckingham Palace and the fountains in front of it… or is it?


Leave a comment if you can you tell me what is wrong with the above photo?

I also found this one of a very high jet fountain taken in a park in the south of England…


I even found a photo of a fountain of water given off on a water flume ride…


very soggy people under that fountain of water.

But for my header I have decided to go back to one of my original ideas albeit a photo taken there last summer, I knew there was a reason for taking so many photos.


imac said...

Got it in one Dave - thats why we take many photos,lol.
Nice selection here my friend.

Gailsman said...

I remember your Buckingham Palace shot from last year. Legoland if I remember rightly.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: What a beautiful sight. I do love your header with the girls on front of the fountain.

Kez said...

Legoland :) awesome place really :P


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