Headbanger Challenge 3rd November 2010 – Fall has Arrived.


This weeks headbangers challenge has been set by Tom- fishing Guy and is `Fall has Arrived`. Now over here we don’t call it the fall but stick to Autumn. So I hope you don’t mind Tom but I’ll sub head this weeks header with ‘Autumnal’.

Now autumn colours I love, all the golden yellows vibrant gold's and bronzes of the leaves. The bright red of the berries in the hedgerows, they all make for an outstanding photo opportunity.

So to try and get that great shot I headed over to a little lake in my neighbouring village to take some photos for the header challenge.


Now the lake isn’t very big but there is still an abundance of trees surrounding it.


Unfortunately as you can see from this photo I arrived a little late for some of them as they had already lost a lot of their leaves.

So it called for a bit more creativity.


Holding the camera just above the ground gave me this more exciting photo.


I used the berries and tree trunk in this shot to frame the fishing jetty and Lily pads.


It must be nice to live in this bungalow and have the beauty of the lake at the bottom of your garden.

I hope you like the little Autumn jaunt down to the lake. Do you think the different camera angles have worked? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

If this is your first visit why not stay a while have a look around then pop over to see the other entrants in this weeks header challenge. Just follow the links at the top of my right hand column.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: I must say you captured the idea of showing some neat scenes at the lake. Fun post Dave.

imac said...

Brill work Dave, magic.

Gailsman said...

Nice simple scene, showing the various colours of this time of year.

Lanny said...

A few extra minutes this morning, foggy and all, hard to work in fog, so now I'll comment nistead of just feasting my eyes.

What a wonderful portrayal of autumn, I prefer autumn to fall and only use fall when it is poetic or I'm in a hurry, fickle I know but... Any who, some great shots, especially the ground ones. I really like the last one and the sweet little bungalow. Indeed it must be lovely to live there.

Darla said...

I believe you did a wonderful job capturing the correct color!


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