Header Challenge 27th October 2010 – Sound Creations


Hi this weeks header challenge is Sound Creations selected by Gailsman.

The creation of sound is something close to my heart. I like to think I create music whilst others may just call it noise. I do play the percussion after all.

My header photos though have been taken from our summer flower festival held every year in Spalding Lincolnshire.

Spalding Flower Parade 2008 (98)

Spalding Flower Parade 2008 (55)

Spalding Flower Parade 2008 (78)

Spalding Flower Parade 2008 (35)

There are always numerous marching bands of different genres dotted throughout the parade showing of their musical talents and helping the parade go with a swing.

Why not check out my other headbanger entrants just follow the links to their blogs at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Sorry fore the late posting this week but our internet went down again and I didn’t think I was going to be able to post at all so better late than never I hope you agree?


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imac said...

Brill piece of work Dave,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Very nicely captured of the creation of sound with the neat Scottish band.

Gailsman said...

Can't say I'm a fan of the bagpipes, but at least they are colourful to look at.

My wife's maiden name was Spalding. I keep saying that we need to visit the town, so I can take a photo of her standing next to a roadsign with the name on.

Dave said...

Thanks, everyone. Gailsman if you do come over we could always meet up as I only live a few miles from Spalding.


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