Header Challenge 10th November 2010 – Persimmon.


Now this weeks challenge, chosen by Lanny is just one word, ‘persimmon’. Now in Lanny’s neck of the woods persimmon trees and fruit might be easy to come by, but, over here in beautiful Lincolnshire, England its almost unheard of.

I understand that persimmon is a burnt orange type of colour much like our sunsets.

Lincolnshire Sunset

Or the colour of beautiful flowers…

persimmon coloured flower

They may be the right colour, but, as we are in Lincolnshire and don’t have access to persimmon trees they still aren't the fruit.

In Boston home to St Botoloph’s church, known locally as the stump, persimmon is seen on many signposts…

boston stump-1-2

Not advertising fruit trees but rather, a house building company, Persimmon Homes.

persimmon homes banner

They are building a new riverfront complex in Boston Lincolnshire so that is what I have chosen to use as my header.

I hope you like my take on the theme Persimmon, especially you Lanny, let me know what you think and don't forget to visit my other headbanger friends to see their take on this weeks challenge. Just follow their links at the top of my right hand column.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Were you and Mac getting the same sky? Love your first photo best.

Lanny said...

Like I just said at Gailsman's blog, persimmon skies are my most favorite thing. Autumn trees are sometimes a wonderful persimmon colour but I have to wait a whole year for them, there is always a persimmony sky right around the corner. I love the ones in your post, they catch the rosy hue of persimmons. Especially around the tower. I had no idea this would be so hard over there, the native persimmons are an east coast thing, the ones in the store here (west coast) are Japanese persimmons. Thanks for the hard work.

Lanny said...

Oh dear, I've caught you with your new header up but not the new post. Takin' some time to catch up 'fore I put together my post and all. Now I wish I hadn't as I have a terribly lame photo for this week. Oh well, I needed to get "out" and do some reading this morning as the week was so busy earlier. Very cute photos! Indeed!


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