Eggs Surprise!

We keep a few chickens in our back garden here in Lincolnshire as many of you know. Having fresh eggs daily from your own chickens is really nice and they always seem to taste better when they are your own chickens.

Well we got a bit of a surprise this lunchtime when we collected in our chickens egg from their nest boxes. They were all cracked! Nothing really unusable about that as eggs get cracked all the time. The surprise was why they had cracked.

They had all frozen solid within their shells…


So instead of hard boiled eggs we had hard frozen eggs!

It was so unusual as in all the years we have had chickens we have not seen it before. So I just had to get the camera out and take some pictures.


Poor chickens, time for extra straw and a nice warm mash!


Lanny said...

Heard you got a bit of winter over there. Stay warm, chickens too!

Christine's Arts said...

Awww, I feel so bad for the chickens. Must be pretty cold for you too. I had chickens at one time and they were the best eggs I have ever had. I like the new look of your blog. The kids look great in the header.


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