Header Challenge 17th November 2010 – Childhood Antics.

Welcome to this weeks header challenge. This weeks theme was chosen by yours truly. Therefore for this weeks theme I chose `Childhood Antics`. Now I thought that would be a wide enough subject matter to produce lots of interesting headers and posts from my friends in the headbanger team, Tom-fishing guy, imac, Lanny and Gailsman.

Now being a parent I have lots of photos that could be used for this topic as you may have guessed. So for something different I haven't taken any new shots for this weeks header but dug some out of my collection,  and no I'm not just being lazy these were harder to choose than taking new ones.


We have `look at me I cute`.


`fun in a tunnel`


`Shall I jump?`


`Who needs toys when you have the box!`


I’m the king [queen] of the world!`


and the old time classic `swing time!`

I hope you enjoyed my children's antics and yes there are three different girls in the photos they just all look very similar, we call them clones. Poor kids.

I wonder what the girls will think when they see this post ?

Let me know what you think via the comments button and then have a look at what the other headbangers have come up with this week.


Lanny said...

I love it! What a collection of photos! Our four girls had a similar "problem" 'cept that the third one looked like the oldest (like Dirt) and the fourth looked like the second oldest. We laugh and say we were only give two baby molds! Adorable photos!

imac said...

Neat work and family friendly Dave.
Ive posted one up too, for fun, as we returned home today.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Love that chair shot the best of all. Great looking kids.

Gailsman said...

What rosy cheeks your daughter in the box has. Or has she been at her mum's make-up?

Kez said...

I really think that was my favourite pose, you seem to have so many of me looking like that :)


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