Lincolnshire Project 1st October 2010

Well today is Lincolnshire day so I thought it was a very apt day to update my Lincolnshire project. My Lincolnshire project is to take a photograph in the same spot of Southern Lincolnshire every two weeks for a year. The hope is to catch the changing seasons and weather in a digital and visual record of the scenery of Lincolnshire.

October 1st marks the fifth official 'Lincolnshire Day' and historically, the date commemorates the Pilgrimage of Grace, which began in 1536 - the widespread revolt against the rule of Henry VIII. For more information visit the official Lincolnshire Day website.

Today's photo across Lincolnshire is unfortunately shrouded in rain as it has been very wet all day here.

lincs project 01-10-10-1

The hedgerow in the left of the frame has been recently trimmed opening up a bit more of the horizon to be viewed. The field of sugar beet is yet to be harvested and the tree in the dyke on the right of the frame has completely died.

Happy Lincolnshire Day everybody.

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Gailsman said...

Very Turneresque Dave. Did you manage to get a shot or two for this week's headbanger challenge?

The Pilgrimage of Grace was mentioned in the play I was in about the monks at Beauvale Priory. Apparently hundreds were slaughtered escaping from Henry 8th's men.


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