Header Challenge 20th October 2010 – Sepia.

This weeks header challenge has been chosen by imac. His choice this week is ‘Sepia’.

Sepia is the name given to the photographic development process used to enhance its archival properties and to give the photograph a warmer hue. The process got its name from the adding of a pigment to the chemical development of the photograph, derived from the Sepia officinalis cuttlefish found in the English channel.

With modern digital developments and printing processes the sepia pigment is no longer required to assist the photographs protection against the elements. Now sepia toning is mainly seen in either very old photographs or new photos digitally enhanced to look old.

Most photo editing software can now change a colour image into a sepia toned image giving the illusion that the photograph is old or just to add a warming effect to enhance the image.

sepia Urquhart castle

The effect can be subtle as in the above photograph. just to add warmth to an image.

It can also be used to give an illusion of age to a photograph…

sepia Harriet maid


helped in this picture by the addition of period costume.

Pictures of historical societies can also be enhanced by the technique…

sepia bikes 3

as in this group riding their period bicycles through Spalding in Lincolnshire.


sepia bikes

Changing the tone to sepia has helped to give the illusion of age to the scene, even though it was actually taken this year.

The technique can be used to Add warmth to an image instilling not necessarily age to the picture but atmosphere.


Sepia has a wide range of applications now other than its original meaning.

Let me apologise for the scarcity of my posts over the last 2 weeks but this has been due to a telephone line fault resulting in the loss of internet access other than via my mobile phone. Hopefully the fault will soon be fixed, we have internet now, but, it is very slow as the fault has only partly been resolved.

Tell me your thoughts on sepia, do you think it is still a viable option to enhance photographs?Let me know your thoughts via the comments section regarding anything about my blog, good or bad.

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Lanny said...

Between Imac for the subject and then you and Tom and my photography teacher, my brain may very well explode, most likely it will be a lovely brown not grey matter found upon the walls!

It appears however that you fellas once again know a short cut or just a better method than I. I searched all over for a "sepia" button on my photoshop to no avail. And my instructor had left for home before I realized it wasn't gonna be an easy little click of a button!

I very much like the ability to match the "color" of the photo with the intent of the group being shot.

Gailsman said...

A great selection of pictures Dave. Seems that I'm going to have my work cut out this week to try and get that gold.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Very interesting post with wonderful results with the bikes.

imac said...

Well worth the Gold my friend

It's Time to Live said...

Some good pointers and things to remember and do. Thanks.

I Heart Photography said...

I love the sepia effect, so vintage! Nice ideas to aged a photo. Thanks.:)


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