Header Challenge 23rd February 2011 - Just Now.

Well I am officially late with this weeks header challenge set by Lanny as "Just Now".

So as I'm shooting out the door to university so I'm not late there too I will leave you with my desk Just now, a mess only brightened by my mug with its shining smiley face.

I will try to post more tonight,

Sorry everyone I'll visit your blogs and vote once I get to university. If you don't hear from me though vote on yours and miss mine out this week.



imac said...

Neat one my friend.
Mess? what mess? reminds me of ours,lol.

mel said...

I love this mug, makes me smile too

Lanny said...

Must admit that I was concerned for you yesterday cuz I noticed you hadn't posted all week either. But I know all about being swamped! Glad to hear it is just typical whirl wind life. I agree with Imac - what's so messy?, I just see genius and family.

Esther said...

loving my laptop in your messy life:)

Mira said...

hello! that's a brightening cup indeed! :)
thanks for stopping by and following!
Have a good one!

Jeanne said...

Love all your shots! I prefer the drop with the red background actually. RYC: My Boston has changed since the early days of colonization but much of the history still remains along with all the names from those beginnings in England such as Boston and Cambridge. It's an amazing city to visit with a wonderful mix of early history and more recent immigrants.


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