Header Challenge 8th June 2011–Soap

This weeks challenge has been set by imac and it looks like he is trying to clean up as he has chosen Soap!

A lot of the time these days the name of the game is liquid soap so I’ve chosen to play with the soap ion the form of the bubbles it gives I hope you like my take on Soap.


I like the way the light glints off the individual bubbles when I zoomed right in close to the bowl of soapy water.


Mr duck was enjoying the soapy water too!!


Maybe a little too much a times, are you under all those soap bubbles Mr duck?


Lovely soapy heavenly bath velvet  well Mr Duck seemed to enjoy it did you?

Don’t forget to see what the other headbangers have thought up for SOAP by following their links at the top of my right hand menu bar.


imac said...

Well done Soapy header, you' re just like me Quackers,lol.

Lanny said...

Terribly cute, really quacked me up. But I am a bit envious of Mr. Duck. I may have to ammend my plans for this evening after I get done planting beans.

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, perfect! You did one fine job with this one! Lots of fun.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Love your take on the soap theme. Nicely done my friend.


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