The Header Challenge this week has been chosen by me and I thought I’d try something a little different. Something that could be interpreted in maybe a few different ways by the members of the headbangers team and see what surprises they have in store for us all with their headers.
The theme I’ve chosen is just one word “ Expressions”.
Now expression could mean the act of expression in art, music or literature.
It could mean the way in which you speak or express yourself.
You have a Mathematics expression or a….. and many more!
Expression as you can see has many meanings
For me expression conjures up the myriad of different looks and body gestures that indicate and express emotions. The face is a wonderful thing and so very expressive. have a look at the following photographs and try and tell me what you think from the expression on the faces in the photos one what they are doing and two what the emotion is.





Leave your ideas in the comments section just for a bit of fun. I’ll post what they were actually doing in a couple of days so remember to drop back to check. As for exactly what there emotion was at the time of their facial expression we may guess but only they can tell us for sure.
Remember to drop in on the other headbangers to see how they have expressed themselves this week. Follow the links to their blogs in my right hand menu bar.


imac said...

Lets face it Dave, nay a bad post of expressions my

Lanny said...

I love the challenge here! I will be back I promise, but I have peas to harvest and run into town and then a dentist appointment - doesn't look like any of your people are headed to the dentist! Argh! Yikes! Ugh!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Your expressions are realy fun.

cshimmon said...

What a gorgeous little girl in that last pic! ;-)

Kez said...

second picture down looks like she is about to eat someone or just glare them to death... and the bottom one looks like she is having an awful lot of fun :)


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