Header Challenge 1st June 2011–Give me the Night

I hope you are not scared of the dark as , Gailsman has chosen the header theme for this weeks challenge and he has challenged us to, give him the Night!

Well I’ll do my best. Night photography is something I’ve been meaning to go and do for a number of months and just not got around to it. Probably something to do with having to go out again late at night, when sensible people are thinking of going to bed. But, as this was a challenge last night I did just that. Maybe the people driving past me on the road where wondering what this mad man was doing, stood in the middle of nowhere with his camera on a tripod trying to photograph moving cars in complete darkness.

Night trails-1-2

I found that as the cars coming towards me put on their full beam headlights it dazzled the photo a bit too much so I decided to concentrate on the red taillights…

Night trails-1

though as you can see from this photo if you don’t quite get the timing right you get some interesting ghost lighting effects.

Night trails-1-3

With a bit of perseverance though, I started to get better shots and have been able to use one as my header this week. Most of these photos I had to take using the camera’s BULB function so that I could manually hold the shutter open long enough.

The last one was taken with ISO100,  35mm,  f/3.5,  60.0 sec.

I wonder what the other headbangers will come up with for this weeks challenge, you can find links to their blogs at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Thanks for visiting!


imac said...

Neat drive by night shot Dave.

Lanny said...

That makes for a very pretty picture. So nice of you to stay up to capture all that!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Love the results of night shots. This is going to be a tough week on the choices.

SandyCarlson said...

You da man, Dave. These are incredible. Wow. Night traffic and extraterrestrial visitors--the same, maybe. These lines are beautiful.

Esther said...

Absolutely wonderful loving the cool lights!


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