Trip to the Globe theatre

This week I went with some university students to see the scottish play at the Globe theatre in London. It was my first experience of a live Shakespearian production so I was unsure what to expect. I shouldn't have worried though, as it was excellent though as those of you who are aware of the play, somewhat blood thirsty.

It was portrayed very authentically due to it being in the Globe theatre and they try to keep it as close to the original Shakespearian experience as possible. There was lots of use of fake blood and gore which perhaps rules this play out for the younger audience or those who may feel affected by it. It did in my opinion enhance the visual effect of the play for the audience though.

The actors were all first class, helping to bring the experience to life. Using the full stage and at times the whole auditorium to great effect.
Being a wheelchair user I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of help given before and during the performance. There is a dedicated box right by the stage for those in wheelchairs and their companions which had a good view of the stage. To get to it you are taken via a backstage lift, with the added bonus of getting to meet the actors and musicians and escorted back during the interval and end of show.

In all a very good experience, one I would recommend to others looking for a play to see in London.

(Photos taken on Android G1 mobile phone).

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