Getting close up

The native hedging that borders our property is starting to bud and burst into flower. So I thought it was an ideal opportunity to practice some close up flower photography.

Its the hawthorn that has come into flower first, with its delicate white blooms it brightens up the bare hedging.
I've taken care to keep the background blurred by using a low aperture setting.
In this case f 6.3 at 1/100sec.
(NB. High f number more of the subject in focus - low f number less of the subject in focus.)
This can often be one of the more confusing subjects of photography but I find it is often best to go out and try for yourself.
Just remember if you want all of the scene in focus from the foreground to the background you need to use an f number as high as possible say high 20's (you may need a tripod for this though).
If you only want a small portion of the photo sharp as I have done here then try for the smallest f number you can use.
Some cameras help you with this by offering a depth of field button. We will go into that in more detail though at another time.


Osaid said...

Awesome, you're living a in heaven.

Barbra joan said...

This is a great shot. As a lover and painter of flowers I think these are lovely.


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