Telephoto Lens in garden

Its been a while since I did this blog properly. I've been very remiss or is it just lazy, one of them.

Anyway I took delivery the other week of a new telephoto lens for my DSLR. It's a 500mm manual focus lens with a 2x converter option as well. I thought as the weather was nice yesterday I set it up on a tripod in the conservatory with both doors wide open. The theory was to get some good close up shots of the birds which frequent our garden. It was not to be though, I sat there for over an hour and not one bird came near the feeders. In the end I let the dog out into the garden and took a few shots of him. As you can see I need to practice more as the picture isn't the sharpest of shots, but at least its a start.

Much the same has happened with this picture of the hanging down branch. The background is nicely blurred, though maybe a bit too highlighted but the foreground leaves just don't have the sharpness I wanted.

And just a couple of other shots I took whilst I had the camera out...

Top of daughters swing-ball

Corky our dog and Garfield one of our cats saying hello, they have become very good friends.

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